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Rental Policy
To protect and conserve our precious resources, we mainly use used boxes in the rental business.

Rental Function and Conditions

1.1 The items listed in the category are available to the customer as items on loan.
1.2 Rental items remain the property of MemoriaObscuraCouture and are made available to the customer for a specified time (7 max. 10 days from receipt of the package).
1.3 The customer undertakes to treat the items with care and to protect them from damage as far as possible.
1.4 MemoriaObscuraCouture ensures that only clean and disinfected items are made available to the customer. It is possible for items to be sent without a fleece lining so that they can be disinfected.
1.5 Disinfections and cleanings are carried out exclusively by MemoriaObscuraCouture!
1.6 All items available for rental are provided exclusively for use in photo shoots and video productions. Use for celebrations etc. is prohibited.
1.7 The rental of our items is only available for the European area. This is due to high shipping costs and customs duties. 1.8 The items in the "Rental" category are shipped from Germany with insured shipping and tracking.


2. Damage
2.1 In the event of damage, the customer must notify us immediately by means of images and an explanation. This can be done via the contact form on the website, by email to: or via Instagram.
2.1 The customer is liable for damage caused during use due to the use of force on the item, incorrect use or rough application. In the event of such damage, MemoriaObscuraCouture is entitled to reduce the rental fee; to be withheld if the item is completely destroyed and cannot be repaired.



3. Repatriation
3.1 The customer undertakes to return the items in the original packaging with tracking at his own expense. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the items are securely fastened in the packaging during return transport.
3.2 It is up to the customer whether or not to return the goods with insurance. In the event of damage, the customer is liable.



4. Rental Fee
4.1 The total price of the rental fee is displayed to the customer in the shop (because there is no other technical option). This consists of the rental fee and the deposit charged.
4.2 The deposit is used by MemoriaObscuraCouture to ensure that the item will be sent back and to be able to assert and retain any claims for damages.
4.3 The exact composition of rental fee and deposit can be found by the customer in the item description of the respective item.
4.4 After the borrowed items have been successfully returned, they will be carefully checked for completeness and intactness and the customer will receive the deposit back immediately. The means of payment is selected with which the customer paid less the rental fee.


5 delays
5.1 MemoriaObscuraCouture is aware that it can always happen that appointments have to be postponed. If your date on which you would like to use the article should be postponed, please contact us.
5.2 An extension of the rental period in the event of illness, force majeure, etc. is possible and usually takes place at no cost. It is important that you get in touch with us.

6 Time of Dispatch
6.1 The items available for hire are shipped by us once a week on Wednesdays. Another day to send is not possible.



7 Conclusion of the contract
7.1 By placing the order and paying the fee including deposit, the customer makes the rental request to MemoriaObscuraCouture. The contract is formed as soon as MemoriaObscuraCouture has marked the order as shipped to the customer.
7.2 The customer receives an order confirmation when he places his order. This contains the borrowed item and the price.

8 Withdrawal from the contract
8.1 The customer can withdraw from the contract without giving reasons if the item has not yet been shipped. To do this, send a message via the contact form in the shop or by email to:



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